Pocahontas County Marriage License

Applying for a Marriage License

Pocahontas County, West Virginia

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  • The license fee is $57.00. If the applicants have had pre-marital counseling and provides a certificate of completion, the fee is $37.00
  • If either applicant has had a prior marriage; the date and reason the marriage ended will be needed for the application. (ex: divorce, death; month/day/year)
  • Applicants will need to provide parents’ information: full name, place of birth and mothers’ maiden name.
  • The license is obtained the same day of application and is valid for 60 days. Please allow 40 minutes to process the marriage application.
  • Both parties must be present at the time of execution of the application.
  • Effective June 5, 2018, applicants, regardless of their state or county residency, may apply for a license to be issued by the clerk of the county commission in any county in West Virginia.

Evidence of age may be as follows:

  1. A certified copy of a birth certificate or a duplicate certificate produced by any means that accurately reproduces the original.
  2. A voter’s registration card.
  3. An operator’s or chauffeur’s license.
  4. The affidavit of either parents or the legal guardian of the applicant.
  • The age of consent for marriage is 18 years of age.
  • A person under the age of 18 lacks the capacity to contract a marriage without the following required consent:
  1. 16 to 18 years of age requires valid written consent from the  applicant’s parents or legal guardian,
  2. Applicants under the age of 16 can obtain a marriage license upon a court order of a circuit judge and consent given by the parents or guardian
    1. A consent to marry must be acknowledged by a notary public.
    2. If the parents are living together; the signatures of both parents is required.
    3. If the parents are living separate, the signature of the parent having custody is required.
    4. A legal guardian may sign consent.
    5. After 3 days, the license can be issued.

If you choose to be married by a Circuit Court Judge, you will need to contact the Pocahontas County Circuit Clerk’s office for appointment information:  304-799-4604